My choice

I have chosen MIP MBA for the following 3 reasons:

  1. The country: excellent luxury and design industry in Italy.
  2. The city: the capital of fashion.
  3. The university and school: Politecnico is top in engineering, architecture and design.

Main takeaways from the MBA

  • How Italian people do excellent design and luxury business. I would have never know how Italian can do it until I lived in Milano.
  • Very nice and intelligent classmates. Very high quality of the program.
  • My wife. She was a student at PoliDesign. We met each other during my MBA and her master program.

Who I am


  • A man who wants to devote himself to the development of Chinese traditional culture and of the crafts in a creative way, in order to make the products and service in China or in Taiwan better value-added. I want to redefine the luxury and the design business in China. No more plagiarism, more originality.
  • A man who traveled 13 countries, 3 continents, including Italy, Portugal, UK, France, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, India, Burma, Malaysia, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), Japan, and USA (Texas).
  • A man who “Ho visto un angelo nel marmo e ho scolpito fino a liberarlo”.

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