My choice

After being awarded an international scholarship funded by European Commission, I started to look for specifically Innovation & Entrepreneurship master programs all over Europe. There were two reasons behind it: In the scope of this scholarship program, my field of study is Enterprise and Industrial Policy and my future plans are to take part in innovative projects and to support the generation of new business ideas by broadening my knowledge and improving my skillset in this area.

Italy was always my priority in this decision process and when I worked through the program on MIP website, I felt quite excited. The collaboration of two innovative universities in two different cities at the heart of Europe made me so motivated! By this way, I got chance to know two different culture. In addition, there were different types of classes that we could have practical experience in curriculum. All the partners and companies sponsoring the program could be an invaluable chance to have a network and understanding of professional business environment.

I admire Italy since the beginning and I am so glad to choose this program and these cities to study in. And even, I want to live and work in Milan, the beautiful city with all people and its perfect culture.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Having a real cross-cultural experience with people from different countries.
  • Quite interactive lectures not only with professors but also with experienced business people and entrepreneurs with a lot of real life stories.
  • Access to different in-campus facilities and assistance from partner institutions and having chance to better know cutting-edge technologies.

Who I am

I’m a Statistics graduate from Hacettepe University, Ankara/Turkey with 3-year experience in Project Management. Currently, I am living in Brussels and having an internship at Pfizer. I worked on mostly aircraft projects so far but I am also interested in projects in technology centers and pharmaceutical industry. I love meeting different people from different cultures and collaborative works. I am seeing myself as a world citizen therefore I am quite happy to be a part of such a global network provided by MIP and quite excited for sharing experience exchanging information in this community.

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