My choice

I came to MIP because I wanted to expand my knowledge about marketing in a city where I could identify with its’ deep culture and also in a school that was rooted in its’ heritage and reputation. The combination of Milano and Politecnico was the perfect match for my concept of an ideal master. Furthermore, for me theoretical knowledge is very crucial in order to have a base but I give more importance to the practical aspect of a learning process; that is building upon real experiences and cases. When I found out about the companies which are sponsoring IM4 and the others to who MIP is contacted; I realized that in this school I could be one step further to being a part of the professional business life.

Before I came to Milan I didn’t know I’d feel so close to this city to even want to live here more. Now I even want to start my career here. From the first moment on, I understood that this city is so warm and welcoming to people from foreign backgrounds, but also big by means of opportunities and liveliness

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Meeting people from all around the world in a cosy but professional atmosphere and having to know different cultures through an interaction of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Having lectures with important academicians and company representatives.
  • Combining the marketing knowledge with the Italian way and experience.

Who I am

I’m an international relations graduate from Bilkent University, Turkey. I’m from Izmir and currently living in Milan. Although international politics has always been my main interest, I started leaning towards private sector (and especially marketing departments) through my internships back in college.

Interacting with people from various international backgrounds and cultures have been a part of my life ever since I was a small kid, and now i’m happy to be a part of the global business network provided us here by MIP.

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