My choice

MIP became my choice on the emotional level first. I then Iearned about the school’s roots in engineering and a design DNA. At the cornerstone of my choice, I just wanted to remain on the edge of progress, and browsed for a synergy between the application of my technical skills and the master of leadership. MIP was there to provide an opportunity, and, most importantly, the environment to learn about my favorite topics: design and innovation management.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Be Clear. Whether you opt for a leadership position or not, set your expectations clearly and state your plan in full transparency.
  • Look Behind You. Being able to run fast is a great thing. Making sure your partners follow is another thing. Make stops, get your team aligned and walk together. You’ll get better chances to cross the end line.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty. Being good at something does not mean that you need a scientific degree. The Art of Doing is not acquired from theory. You can get it from the willingness to learn and the perseverance to iterate.

Who I am

I work in the R&D with interests ultimately related to the field of Neuroengineering, Artificial Intelligence and Brain-Computer Interfaces, where repairing, replacing, enhancing, or exploiting the functional properties of neural circuits are the ultimate goals.

I have my education in Applied Physics from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the MBA from MIP. My passion is Human-Computer interaction and I am passioned about managing creative teams and helping companies to bring meaning to their products through technology. I have launched dozens of web-based projects starting from corporate web-sites to consumer-oriented startups. I’m founder and CEO of LimeJam, I also write blog at

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