My choice

Why did I choose MIP? I chose to attend MIP because I wanted to study in a city rich with culture, business, networking, and opportunity. All which can be found in Milan! About 2 years ago I started thinking about how I could continue to grow in my career and better align myself with the ever changing global market. I am passionate about Building a Brand, Digital Strategy, and Communication and wanted to incorporate all these elements in a Master’s program which I found in the IM4 Master’s at MIP.

Prior to coming to MIP I spent 4+ years working in B2B Sales and Marketing focused in the IT/Staffing industry partnering with Forbes 100 and Fortune companies in Des Moines, Iowa. It was there that I saw the effects of Big Data and the growth of Digital Strategies in large companies. I really wanted to gain valuable global experience and study in another country. I really was interested in Italy and specifically Milan with it’s unique opportunities and amazing culture of fashion and global companies.

So far MIP has been an amazing opportunity for me to study in a beautiful, vibrant city, in a very diverse multicultural environment! 27 students represent 12 countries in our classrooms and the diversity has allowed us to have much more in depth discussion and experiences in what it means to interact in a global world.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • The difference culture makes in a learning environment. Currently studying with 27 students represented by 12 countries which has lead to amazing friendships and experiences.
  • Networking opportunities. Great partner companies and market leaders involved in labs and lessons to learn from and network for future opportunities.
  • Hands on practice with tools and simulators. A unique, challenging, and inviting learning environment.

Who I am

I’m a Midwest boy from Kansas City, Missouri on a mission to conquer the world! Currently I am working as Content Marketing Manager and HEAD of Global Partnership at Beast Technologies in New York. I am passionate about life and figuring out what it means to be globally connected. I am passionate about Brand Management, Digital Strategy, Communication, Pricing, and Marketing across cultures! I am a lover of coffee, travel, and whiskey.

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