What shape does real wealth take in the world today?

It lies in being able to manage your own time and dovetail all of your work and personal commitments so that you can make the most of every second of the day.

This applies for everyone, but it is particularly true for established figures in the professional world, whose schedules are always full. While they want to grow and continue their career development, they never seem to have the time.

How many successful managers would like to find the time to do an MBA in order to enhance their knowledge and educational background, but realize that it would be physically impossible for them to get to the classroom for lectures during the traditional teaching hours?

A social phenomenon like this could never go unnoticed. Thanks to a proactive approach by the world’s leading business schools, for some time now distance learning schemes have been in place for some outstanding digital Executive Master’s programmes.

MIP in Milan has been extremely innovative and pioneering. In 2014, it became the first institution in Italy to offer a Flex EMBA programme: a flexible Executive MBA with courses easily accessible from a PC using a reliable Microsoft platform. In 2016 the Association of MBAs (AMBA) voted the programme one of the six most innovative MBA programmes in the world.

Students who register for the Flex EMBA will get the same degree at the end of the course as students on the traditional MBA programmes, but they are completely independent and free to decide when to attend lectures, where to access the courses from and how much time to dedicate to studying.

The results have been remarkable to say the least and they have encouraged MIP to go all out in the drive for educational innovation.

October 2016 will see the launch of the new Executive MBA in digital format, designed for the global market: the International Flex EMBA – or i-Flex –, created in partnership with WOBI (World of Business Ideas).

Now managers worldwide can take a step forward in their career no matter where they are and how unpredictable their agenda is.

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