Kick-off Days: an Explosion of Energy

Before getting into the details on this (my first) article regarding the 2017 edition of the MIP MBA, let me introduce myself.

My name is Salvatore Interdonato and I am currently an MBA student at MIP. I was born in the beautiful Tyrrhenian pearl of Tropea and I have lived in Modena for most of my life. After my graduation in Civil Engineering, my desire to explore different environments led me to relocate, from Switzerland to Romania.

In fact, I am currently working in Arad for a manufacturing company called Lampia Rom, and I decided to embrace this adventure when I realized the tremendous cross-functional exposure I could get, both in business strategy and operations.

When I started 2 years ago, I was mainly involved in warehouse and logistics management; I then had the chance to scale up my role and get involved in different business areas such as IT, supply chain, production and engineering, and, finally, management control.

I realise that my educational background is not related as closely as you might expect to my current situation but as an engineer, if I had to answer the question, “What’s your purpose in this world?” I would say, “I’m here to solve problems and drive greater efficiency and productivity”. Yes, problem solving gives me energy, and optimization the satisfaction to think that we can always keep improving our situation.

So why am I talking about myself if the aim of this article is to tell you a bit about the MBA?  Well, first of all, because it is easier to help you to get the idea by talking about things that have really happened  ̶  but in particular, because my desire to grow and change and my energy and determination in moving forward merge into a single guideline common to all MIP students.

In fact, despite the very different cultural and educational backgrounds of all 43 students on the current course, the kick-off days were driven by that common guideline, that union of common feelings and desires that had led us to highlight and use only the strongest points and the best of every player’s skills, enough to make us work as the best team ever and to let us feel invincible in the achievement of our goal.

Even if it might seem impulsive, that’s my first impression of MIP… that’s the MIP energy!

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Never blow out the flame.
Salvatore Interdonato