How many good reasons are there to enroll on an MBA?

A 360° education, the development of managerial skills, top teachers and networking opportunities are just some of the advantages for those who decide to jumpstart their career with a Master in Business Administration.

But how do you choose the Business School most suited to helping you make your professional aspirations a reality?

What are the variables you should take into consideration when trying to choose between the different options available?

Between the duration of the course, the location and the prestige of the Business School, it’s vital that you choose the right mix.

A difficult mission, but one that is not impossible for those with a clear idea of what they want: like Varun Bohra, a brilliant alumnus of MIP in Milan of Indian origin, who chose to come to Italy to consolidate his education and currently lives and works in Milpitas, California in the USA as an Industrial & Operational Engineer in Strategic Account Management.

Varun Bohra’s professional career began with a solid education in engineering. An excellent starting point for a highly satisfying career, but not enough for those who, like Varun, aspire to reach the top. To aim high and get to the top quickly, you need to go one step further. Varun knew that only an MBA could help him to “complement my technical skills with managerial skills and an understanding of business processes”.

After making his decision, he was faced with a whole host of possibilities. Should he stay in his home country? Should he leave to find the ideal working environment? Should he find somewhere based more on the kind of course he wanted to do?

Varun himself told us what made him choose MIP from the many universities around the world: “MIP is one of the best schools in Europe. And offers business knowledge taught by people actually practicing business”.

So top-quality teachers, who are key players in the professional sectors they operate in, and the reputation of the university are two elements that are not to be underestimated when deciding to embark on an MBA.

But that’s not all. The aptitude of the Business School itself can also influence a prospective student’s decision. And for Varun Bohra, who has always dreamt of becoming a leader in industry, MIP was always the right choice “to learn more about finance and operations related to manufacturing”.

Is that all then?

Not quite: the flexibility of the course should also be taken into consideration, in this case lasting one year, which is an ideal duration for those who don’t wish to take a long break from the world of work, and the network of partnerships the university has, like the one set up by MIP with the WOBI, the World of Business Ideas, one of the most important institutions in the world of talent, business and innovation. Indeed Varun had the opportunity to participate as an assistant in the WOBI World Business Forum, meeting gurus of the calibre of Steve Wozniak and Chris Gardner.

Mix all these ingredients together and you get the final result, put into words directly by Varun himself: “It’s a decision which immediately paid off”.

Because, as we often say, there’s no such thing as luck, just a time when talent and competence meet the right circumstances.


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