Are you are a growing leader wishing to test your professional skills and experience in various business areas or have you already chosen the area you are passionate about and are interested in a specific sector?

MIP is renowned for its close collaboration with industry and again this year, is proud to announce that some of its closest collaborators will offer economic contributions to outstanding International MBA candidates. For example, for those who are interested in Luxury world, Moncler is offering a sponsorship to an International Full Time MBA candidate.

This is a new collaboration for MIP, one that is in line with the stated objectives of the International Full Time MBA, i.e. to develop the technical and managerial skills necessary to take on senior positions in leading companies in the luxury and design industries.

What does this opportunity include?
A sponsorship of 5.000 € which includes a project within Moncler carried out in Italy during the MBA program. Though Moncler was born in France in 1952 (it is the acronym for the French town of Monestier de Clermont) in 2003 the brand was acquired by the Italian sportswear manufacturer Pepper Industries. Today, the Moncler Group is headquartered in Padova and includes other brands such as Henry Cotton, Marina Yachting, Coast Weber & Ahaus, and holds a license for 18CRR81 Cerruti.

How do I apply?
The candidate first need to pass MIP selections by submitting applications requirements and doing a motivational interview with MBA Admissions and then a second selection with the company.

For more information about the sponsorship and the selection process, write to