On the 19th of February, the fourth Careers Fair was held in London. A networking event where companies meet students and graduates and give them the chance to showcase their skills, potential and personality.

The event, organized by the AMBA association, globally recognized authority on postgraduate business schools, has the aim to connect the best employers together with the best candidates from all over the world. Its international recognition includes over 230 schools in over 70 countries and proudly MIP is one of them.

As an MBA candidate at MIP I had the chance to attend this event and tried to make the most out of it. After a warming welcoming by the AMBA team, I was directed to the main hall where a diverse range of companies were happy to answer all my questions and give me the chance to introduce myself.

This is a unique opportunity not only to network with the exhibitors but also to connect to other MBA students from different business schools, gain insight and receive tips about how to improve your CV and candidacy.

Just to name a few of the companies involved: Accenture, gsk, HSBC, etc., plus many headhunting firms like TalentHawk for example.


Here a few tips if you want to attend the next Careers fair:

  • Dress to impress: remember it’s a professional event, it is like you were going to a job interview.
  • Study at home before you go: Take the list of the companies that will be there, choose the ones you like the most and do some research before you introduce yourself  to them.
  • Cool off: Recruiters don’t bite! Remember they are human beings just like you. Be breezy and professional.
  • Keep in touch: don’t bring with you tons of CV, just a few for the companies you have selected and remember to exchange business cards.
  • Gadgets: this is not a country festival, if companies have their promotional gadgets don’t take them all, you may appear more interested in gadgets than in the company.
  • Follow up! Last but not least remember to send an email to the company representative you talked to.


That’s all folks! Good luck!