It’s incredible to think that I began this journey almost two years ago and now I’m sitting here reviewing my final project.
It seems cliché to say that ‘time flies’, especially because that wasn’t always the case. The reality is that there were moments where time really seemed to be standing still and getting past the fatigue and mental strain felt impossible. You tell yourself during that final hour of classes that you’re a Rock Star for making it this far and then you dig deep to pull yourself together, knowing that it will all be worth it in the end.
While your friends and family are brunching on a warm Sunday afternoon, your Spotify study playlist in on its third cycle repeat as you slay assignment after assignment.

Commitment, compromise and conduct are words most people would quickly associate with being in a relationship. These past two years for me have been just that. I jumped into a relationship, both feet, with my MBA program, fully committed, prepared to compromise and wanting to prove myself worthy.

My experience at MIP has been one of growth. My program, the courses I took, the people I met and the work I completed, stretched my perspectives in ways only this experience could have. I learned that for me, there is nothing more gratifying then being given a problem to solve using my creativity. I understood that what my mother called ‘hard-headed’, my professor called assertive; a good characteristic to master. I learned to analyse conflict and that being transparent is sign of strength. I know now that the business tools I’ve been given over this period are for building experiences that will keep me moving forward.

Whilst almost impossible to quantify all that I’ve truly learned through this process, I can, as Professor Passerini would say, tell my grandkids some years from now, that this program has taught me the art of application.
Putting the lessons and tools to work almost immediately, figuring out what time management actually means by practicing it and dedicating myself to learning all about what I can do; I have applied myself in ways I didn’t know I could.