Watching Mr. Pedrina speak at our graduation in July made me realize how fast the MBA had passed, how lucky I was to have met all my classmates and how much life had changed…

It was an emotional day, the end of one of the greatest years of our lives, a year filled with  great memories, challenges, laughs and tears, a year that made us grow and discover qualities we didn’t know we had!

Studying at MIP has helped me to take a step back after 7 years of professional experience and given me the time to evaluate my interests and draw a career path with  the help and support of the Career Development Office at MIP.

After spending 7 years in the luxury industry I had never imagined that a company in the pharmaceutical industry would be my first choice. However after spending 3 months doing my MBA Project Work at Eli Lilly I was convinced that this was going to be my choice for the future.

I started my experience within the Digital Department working in the field of Smart Data, after that I was offered to become a Brand Manager for one of the newcoming medicines at Eli Lilly. My experience within the company has been exceptionally positive and my colleagues have made me feel welcome from the beginning.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry gives me the opportunity to be part of a company that spends every minute in trying to create a better cure, trying to create a better way to help patients and improve their quality of life. Being part of such a united team makes me feel proud and eager to give my best and support the continuous search for a better tomorrow!

Attending an MBA is a beautiful life changing experience if I could go back in time I would do it all over again!