There’s something magical that happens around the holiday season. It is an inexplicable shift in the air of people and the way we interact. Regardless of faith or belief, it is nevertheless felt by us all.

The holiday season reminds us to reflect upon the past year. All of the friendships we’ve made and experiences we’ve had that have impacted our lives in some way, brings about a desire for celebration. For me, 2016 was a year of bold and unapologetic decision making; something I’ve learned to harness during my time at MIP.

It was a year that brought to the forefront potential I never truly believed I had. This for me, was certainly deserving a refreshing Moscow Mule …or two. So, when I received the invite to MIP’s seasonal party in my inbox, there was no question whether or not I was to attend, even though my job was really testing my seriousness.

Our snug gathering at 11 Clubroom, in one the liveliest districts of the city, was a real meeting of minds, music and some impressive dance moves. At the top of the night, students bounced from table to table exchanging names, experiences, contacts, philosophies and in my case, even hair tips.

We bonded over mutual aspirations, favourite courses, past lives, crazy schedules among everything else under the sun. Suit jackets came off, ties undo and a comfortable relaxation took over the atmosphere; the best way to make long lasting connections, if you ask me.

We snapped as many pictures as our smartphone batteries would allow trying to capture memories and innovation… did someone say prizes? Alas, while my Huawei took an early vacation 20 minutes after my arrival, my peers got innovative trying to capture innovation in a photo; not an easy task but certainly entertaining.

MIP startuppers, from Wardroba, Xmetrics and Strokin, were also there to award the best pictures as well as to enjoy the night with all of us. Congrats again to Simone Tomasi from the Master in Energy Management for winning the competition!

After making a solid attempt to dance my way into 2017, as I’m sure some of my classmates managed to accomplish, it was time to head home.  After all, I highly doubt that ‘Oops, I partied past the deadline of my assignment’ would have been a valid excuse for my econ professor. I sat down in a corner to switch from stilettos to flats (Tip: every smart businesswoman carries a pair of foldable ballerinas in her bag #happyfeet) and I looked around, taking note of the level of professional acumen in the room, I thought to myself ‘I’m looking at the future of global enterprise, the minds that will influence and determine the way we live for generations to come …and I am so proud and honoured to be a part of it’.