IM4 students have the chance to personally interact with the partners of the master, developing some projects with international companies. One of those stimulating experience was proposed by Nielsen.

The marketing contest launched by the company was a great challenge not only to test our competence and to deal with team-work, but also to evaluate our ability to interact with a client. We worked, on a project for an Italian company launching a new product in a new market: USA.

In the first part of the contest Nielsen briefed the class with some data about the client, some other about the market and some to estimate the forecast. We worked for several weeks, divided in groups on our marketing plan, focusing on the distribution, on the promotion and on the forecast.

After a first presentation and evaluation of our work at MIP, the members of the three best groups had the chance to go to Nielsen to present their marketing plan in front of a jury, made of Nielsen managers representing the client. Nielsen let us feel comfortable welcoming us with a super tasty buffet. Despite this special treatment not usually reserved to agents, we actually felt like we were presenting our project to a client, competing with other agencies, represented by the other groups of the class. We were finally evaluated from the jury, and they declared a winning team.

This engaging challenge gave us the opportunity to understand the working process at Nielsen and to experience the warm atmosphere within the company.