As MIP is the linked business school to the Milan World Business Forum, one of the opportunities we have as part of the MBA is to attend the entire event for free. This two-day event, held in Milan on 28-29 October this year, with over 2,000 people attending, brought together 14 international speakers, ranging from business and non-business experts from the technology, fashion, film and food sectors, economic experts, innovation speakers and world-renowned authors. The theme of this year’s event was “Provocateurs: Open your mind to thinking differently”, and it certainly lived up to its promise!

Topics covered ranged from Steve Wozniak’s “Innovation From Within: On Creativity, Wits and the Story of Apple” and Oscar Farinetti’s (of Eataly) “The recipe for success in 7 moves”, to Oliver Stone’s “Creating High-Impact Stories” and Felix Baumgartner’s “On Courage and Trust: What’s Behind an Exceptional Jump”.

Whilst the whole MBA class attended the event, some of us volunteered to assist and support the speakers during their stay in Milan and their time at the event. I was one of the volunteers and was assigned to Steve Wozniak, or “The Woz”, best known as the co-founder of Apple. It was an absolute honour to spend time with such a fascinating and intelligent person, who has undoubtedly shaped the way we live today. A living legend!

Holly Lorna Sloan
current MIP MBA student