What are the personnel recruitment trends for 2015? Hays, the world leader in middle and top management selection, reveals them to us.

The year 2015 could be the turnaround year according to five trends identified by Hays and illustrated by Alessandro Bossi, Director of Hays Italia.


Search engine optimization [SEO] logics and the mobile lifestyle are set to become increasingly important and pivotal in corporate marketing strategies.
For Bossi, the coming months will see an increase in the search for professionals in the SEO/SEM areas, web analysts and social media managers, in addition to mobile developers (iOS and Android).


IT project managers and business analysts will become precious and indispensable resources for reworking and analysing data but also to foresee, recognize and decode data models and diagrams of strategic importance for corporate success.


Specialization is the key to emerge from the crisis. It is a good idea to hone one’s skills in web development and ecommerce management. The key sectors? Finance, in particular the position of CFO/Controller, and engineering positions in the oil and gas industry.


In recent years, we have witnessed a progressive overlapping of marketing and IT. “As a result,” according to Bossi, “one of the figures most sought-after by human resources departments will surely be the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), a hybrid professional split between pure marketing and the digital world.”


In an economic phase that is flirting with recovery, innovation is another key to become competitive and attractive in the job marketplace. “This is why it will be essential,” asserts Bossi, “to hire research & development managers who are actively involved in the development of new products or services, endowed with a forward-looking vision and able to interpret and predict future market developments.”

These are good tips to help take stock of your competency in order to improve your CV and skills. Do you have all the characteristics necessary to make a splash into the labour market like a real #growingleader?