How to undertake your MBA in perfect fashion

Welcome to our fourth appointment on the international MBA journey!

Considering that the next MBA editions are due to start before too long, this time I have decided to shift the nature of our conversation a little bit and make it more informative, sharing with you some advice on the application process.

So I thought, “Who better than our course representatives could give us suggestions on this topic?”

Cristina Savino and Stefano Facchinetti kindly agreed to share some advice on what to consider before applying for an MBA and how to prepare for the selection process. Below are their considerations.

In 2016 we were both looking for some good advice to get prepared for our MBA interview and assessment. If you check on the internet, you will find plenty of articles on this, explaining how to become perfect for selection. However, we would like to highlight first the importance to be personally prepared and convinced, before starting to think about the selection process.

Undertaking an MBA is a wonderful experience that will force you to step outside your current limits. You will get the chance to work with candidates with different backgrounds but with the same hopes and expectations as you, widen your network and learn how to manage a business. However, an MBA is also a very demanding journey. It will cost you both time and money, and you will need to make a trade-off with the life you used to have before the kickoff. Are you ready for this? Are you aware of the efforts you will be required to make? Our first suggestion is to take some time to think about these points and your inner reasons for applying for an MBA. Being convinced of your choice will be the driving force that will lead you beyond the difficulties you will find along the path!

Knowing yourself and your inner drivers is a key point of the selection process. The MIP interviewer will ask you about your yesterday, your today and your future: your weaknesses, strengths, responsibilities and the projects you have done. So be prepared for this!

Once you have decided to undertake an MBA, get all the information available. Look carefully on the Business Schools websites, participate at MBA fairs and try to get in touch with other people already attending the MBA course you would like to apply for: contact them on LinkedIn or on Growingleader and ask questions, you will find nice people willing to help you and give advice. A key advantage of an MBA is networking – so why wait to start?

The MIP selection process consists of a personal interview plus some tests, covering subjects such as math, logic and economics. Here, there is no easy shortcut. Practice is what will make you perfect. You must do these exercises yourself, with your clock telling you that there is not enough time to understand how the dominos are placed and maybe with Excel shutting down unexpectedly. Sometimes, at home, you might feel demoralized by logic tests – do not! At other times, you will feel more like the Usain Bolt of tests, seeing that you have enough time to read some questions twice before the time is up – also here, be careful of getting overconfident! Practice, try and try again, and at the same time, be humble and confident.

During the interview, do not play a role. The awareness of our flaws is the first step to always doing better, in every selection, in our work and in our personal life. Who is the perfect MBA candidate? Is it someone that already knows everything about economics, math and English? No, not really. The perfect candidate is someone that wants to improve her/himself, who is willing to face challenges, obstacles, bear frantic rhythms and overlapping deadlines because she/he knows that the reward is much, much greater than these difficulties. And this candidate will undertake the MBA journey with satisfaction, no fear of falling and enthusiasm.

Remember, an MBA’s aim is to grow the leaders of the future, not only the managers.

Hoping that this short guide will help you choose and prepare for the MIP application process, we hope to see you at the start of the next MBA edition.

To know more about the MIP experience, continue to follow us and never blow out the flame!

Cristina Savino, Stefano Facchinetti and Salvatore Interdonato