Sabrina Annarelli from Venezuela tells us why she chose to do an MBA at MIP, and offers some words of wisdom for perspective students…

Where are you from and what is your background before MIP?

I’m from Venezuela and I’m a production engineer. I worked for British American Tobacco in Supply Chain (2 years)  and for Coca-Cola in Marketing (approx. 1 year) in Caracas.

Why did you want to pursue an MBA, and why did you choose MIP?

Because an MBA is the perfect complement for my studies and work experience. Through the concentrations I can continue to build knowledge around marketing and supply chain. It also gives you a broader knowledge of all the other areas of a company in case you want to start your own.

What part of the MBA at MIP has had the most impact on you so far?

The International environment. Having the opportunity to have cultural exchanges and share experiences on a daily basis during class is great. It is also good for networking. Gives you new perspectives and opens your way of thinking.

Do you have any advice for others thinking about attending MIP?

If you are passionate, hardworking and enjoy good food then Italy and MIP are perfect for you. It will provide the tools you need to fine-tune your skills.