Summer is coming, its taste is in the air and for some of us it’s time to plan holidays, days off, weekends and trips… but there is no summer without music, right? Each summer has its soundtrack, a song (or more than one) that remains in our mind for the entire break… a summer hit that we sing, dance to or hum while driving along the highway towards wherever we’re going.

The same applies to my MBA experience so far. It’s July and I’m halfway through my master period that ends in 2018… and if I had to choose three songs describing my path, I would start singing New Shoes by Paolo Nutini because it gives the idea of change, a real and happy change when he said: “Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right. I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling.”

And then the “easy” part, the moment in which you are fully involved in the MBA and you do your best to align all the commitments you have, working and studying, meeting the deadlines, catching the train, enjoying your classmates, arranging a Skype call, finalizing the exam… running from one place to another to find your way . For this I would opt for an instrumental song called Whiplash by Justin Hurwitz and Tim Simonec. It gives me the idea of movement, action, effort… and, finally, the feeling I have succeeded, the feeling I have made it.

The last song I would choose to describe my MBA experience is I wish by Stevie Wonder… Why? Just read the words, as they exactly express that specific feeling at the end of this amazing journey: “I wish those days could come back once more/Why did those days ever have to go/I wish those days could come back once more/Why did those days ever have to go/’Cause I love them so.”