Thinking about the i-Flex kick-off week we have just had makes me realize that we have all just started an amazing journey that is going to fill us not only with new knowledge but also with new friends and great networking opportunities.

To give you the full picture of the entire week, I will begin by talking about my “pre-kick-off week” feelings.

Before arriving to MIP, I was kind of nervous, and very curious about the program and my future classmates, wondering about their nationalities, careers, experiences, etc. When I arrived, I received a warm welcome by all the staff, and when I started meeting my classmates, all of them with a smile on their faces, my first thought has been “my classmates have all great professional and personal experiences, and I will be as a sponge, learning the best from them, and giving them back the best of myself”.
We are indeed a class of 35 people, coming from different parts of the world: Mexico, China, Denmark, Egypt, Peru… We all have different backgrounds and experiences that are really enriching for the group.

At the very beginning of the kick-off week, we lived the outdoor activity for 3 days surrounded by beautiful mountains: those days allowed us to get to know each other more in depth and truly become a class.

During the remaining week we also had the chance to explore Milan. Like all Italian cities, it has an evolving environment. Starting from the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and all the shops that surround the area, the magical European architecture looks precious. There is also the Castello Sforzesco and the Porta Ticinese that brings another face of the city, great to visit also at night; and the Navigli neighborhood marked with 2 channels, with great bars and Italian restaurants.

I am now on my flight back to Colombia, after 6 intense but fully enjoyable days, with a new group of friends who, like me, are full of expectations and ready to do their best.

This kick-off week and what we have lived is a great start for this master experience that is lying ahead of us all!