Stella Li, from Beijing, shares with us her experience after successfully completing Master ACE at MIP, and offers some words of wisdom to perspective students.

  1. Talk briefly about yourself.

I come from Beijing, where I studied Business Administration in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences I have a long standing passion for the outdoors. I love exploring and travelling, either city tour or travelling around the suburb of China, Italy, Switzerland, etc… I also love photography, and I’m always trying to capture various interesting nature views.

  1. Why did you choose ACE and what is the added value of the program?

ACE offers the best platform for international culture exchanges. During the programme, I met many friends, coming from different cultural backgrounds, who taught me a lot. We often worked in groups and studied for exams together.  We were encouraged to investigate problems and to exchange experiences.
Moreover, I really appreciated the use of many different learning methods, convenient to understand supply chain management, project management and purchasing management.
Furthermore, studying and living in an international environment like Milan expanded my vision and opened my mind.

  1. China & Europe: the meeting of two great cultures. Tell us some important aspects or moments of your experience in Europe.

There are many differences between China and Europe, from culture to habits, from logic to methodology, and from architecture styles to natural sceneries. However, they both have a long history and an ancient civilization, which boasts of its splendid culture and abundant tourist resources. ACE provided a very good opportunity to improve my professional skills and enjoy the unique natural, cultural landscape.
For instance, in the end of August, I went to the Breithorn to climbe the summit with my friends. From the Breithorn’s top, I saw magnificent mountains under a crystal sky, I felt thrill, satisfaction and I suddenly forgot tiredness. This has been one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life, just as the participation in the ACE programme. Today, one year later, I can say that I have learnt to widen thoughts and deepen problems.