“Collaboration is the mantra of the i-Flex EMBA”.

The statement, by Valentina Nardozi – key account coordinator at Philip Morris Italia and student on the International Flex EMBA, summarizes her experience of MIP’s distance learning international Executive MBA.
Even if learning is digital – allowing students to effectively juggle between family and work – students create real human connection. Thanks to technology, 35 students connecting from 19 different countries around the world can work in teams and create a real, international, hub of collaboration.
Thus, no surprise that they were excited about the idea of meeting up again after 8 months for the International Week! Once packed their luggage, they were ready for this new adventure.

The destination? Buenos Aires!

The Argentine capital is a dynamic market fuelled by huge economic and social transformations, factors that make it a fascinating place to visit for managers who are learning about how to “transform critical issues into opportunities” on a daily basis.

During the week-long visit to Buenos Aires, the i-Flex EMBA students – who are based all over the world – had the chance to meet in the flesh and forge personal relationships, exchanging opinions and best practices.

While staying in the Argentine capital, the students took the opportunity to explore and visit some of the coolest spots in town, such as Mercado Libre – an innovative e-commerce platform – and the Digital House coding school, which is aiming to train the digital professionals of the future.

It was a chance for training and development, in the most classic sense of the term.

The MIP students stayed at IAE Business School, where they were able to attend lectures given by professors at the university focusing on how to make it in the current economic and social context.

It is a subject of great relevance and one that was tackled from a number of directions. On the one hand, the sessions focused on the opportunities and challenges posed by a developing country such as Argentina, while on the other they discussed the importance of adopting an ethical, socially responsible approach in order to become successful leaders in the current business panorama.

The trip was a unique opportunity to broaden “horizons to a global scale, according to Stefano Cannata, another student on the i-Flex EMBA programme who is currently employed at tech company Hewlett-Packard, and – as Valentina Nardozi put it – to “learn how to deal with diversity, how to effectively negotiate, manage time, and think up new ideas”.

The International Week was a success and it will continue to be an integrative part of programme.
Now China, Mexico Silicon Valley are waiting for our students for a third optional International Week.

What’s next? MIP is planning a new and exciting International experience for the next i-Flex cohort in London!

Therefore, get your passports ready and pack your suitcases! MIP will guide you through a new discovery journey!

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