Choosing to embark on a professional training programme can be a complex decision for future leaders who come to a crossroads in their lives.

Selecting the right destination and the ideal Business School can seem nigh on impossible.

However, it can be done. Things become much clearer if you seek out in-depth information, consider every single variable and contemplate the opportunities and negative aspects of every option on the table.

This was the case for Rosalia Campana, a law graduate from Peru who was determined to grow and broaden her horizons.

How did she want to go about it? By investing in her education and choosing to do an MBA.

Rosalia had no second thoughts about moving to a different country – and indeed a completely different continent – so that she could benefit from an even more comprehensive experience: like 59% of Business School alumni worldwide, she opted to study abroad. Choices of this kind are often made out of a desire to encounter new cultures, experience a range of influences and learn new languages.

But how can you pick out the right destination?

The first thing to do is assess the distinctive features of every city and school. For example, Milan is internationally renowned as a hub of excellence in the financial and fashion industries and a marvellous breeding ground for start-ups, as well as a vibrant, effervescent city in general.

Out of all the Business Schools in the Lombard capital, Rosalia decided that MIP had the most diversified and stimulating study programme, with courses run by expert lecturers who are professionals in their respective fields.

Rosalia was able to dispel any doubts she had about the lessons and programmes thanks to the opportunity provided by MIP to discuss such matters with Business School ambassadors (current and former students who are happy to answer the questions of future MIP students) and the assistance offered by the school’s recruitment department. These two additional factors tipped the balance in favour of MIP.

The future prospects were another reason why Rosalia chose the Business School in Milan. 95% of MIP students find a job straight after they graduate, with more than half of the positions being proposed by the school itself. This figure bears witness not only to the outstanding education provided by MIP – which is highly ranked in the European league tables – but also to the vast, solid network of partnerships between the school and leading companies in a wide range of fields, such as IBM, Allianz and Microsoft.

Now that Rosalia Campana has finished her Full-Time MBA, she has joined the exceptional team at Allianz thanks to an internship opportunity offered by the insurance company.

What are her future goals? To continue her professional development in the legal field and take the plunge by launching her own start-up.

You can read the full interview with Rosalia here.