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An MBA, your journey, your dream…

An MBA is a journey, a long and challenging experience that often starts in the moment you realize that what you really want to achieve is your own future!

How do you know if you’re ready for an MBA?

If you’re considering an MBA, you may wonder if you’re cut out for the experience. Alumna Gaelle Gouraige shares her insights into the process of considering and taking part in an MBA program.

Gaelle Gouraige – International MBA Class of 2011

Gaelle Gouraige has been part of International MBA Class of 2011. We interviewed her about the experience at MIP, her career development and…find out more here!

The Italian Immersion – MBA Kickoff days at MIP

How to describe the first impact with an International MBA? Here’s Gaelle Gouraige experience, from International MBA Class of 2011.