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Tag: "Google"

MBAs are back in fashion in Silicon Valley

While in recent years the start-up phenomenon has fuelled the belief that in order to become a management wizard or successful entrepreneur you needed a knack for business, a genius idea and a strong onus on professional development, now the market data is painting a completely different picture.

Global empowerment led by tech giants

According to a KPCB research, 2.8 billion people have access to the web. Nonetheless digital divide (gap in terms of access to and usage of ICT) between developed and developing countries is still very large.

Work can be fun: suggestions and best practices

A good office climate and a love for your daily tasks is synonymous with well-being and tranquillity, two critical elements to confront the working challenge with more energy and the determination needed to achieve results. Here are 5 suggestions to enjoy the time spent at work, and a few best practices to demonstrate that work can be fun!

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