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Tag: "IM4"

What I learnt from inspirational professor Michael Dorsch

If I should point out one of the key factors that’s positively influencing my judgment of the program, I would say professors’ competences and capabilities to share valuable contents, examples and inspire personal reflections on their subject.

Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way – Interview with Antongiulio Coppa Bennati of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

During the course “Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way” the students of the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management (IM4) were able to analyze cases and strategies undertaken by paramount Italian brands in key sectors like food & wine, design furniture, fashion, automotive and industrial goods.

Is there a way for a marketer to take the right decision?

The course of marketing decisions aimed at answering to this question. Marketing actions need to be carefully resonate, before applying them, because they will have an impact on the entire marketing mix and consequently on the company. The contribution of Michael Dorsch was extremely useful to understand how to assemble the single tools gained in the previous lessons.

What does inspiration mean?

One of the main reasons why I selected the IM4 Master Program among a wide set of possible choices, is the unique opportunity to meet, learn and discuss with inspiring people.

Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way – Interview with Marina Cvetic Masciarelli

During the course “Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way” we had the opportunity to interview Marina Cvetic Masciarelli, CEO & President of Masciarelli Tenute Agricole – a symbol of Italian wine and protagonist of the success of modern wine production.

How Mobile, Analytics and Internet of Things can improve your business: Interview with Rand Nezha, IBM

Interview with Mobile Strategy Consultant Rand Nezha. IBM Corporation is working with top universities around the world. In particular the IBM/MIP partnership is to build together new professional roles with strong competencies on data science and digital skills.

The Value of IM4 Partners

The 1st edition of the IM4 or Master’s of International Multichannel Marketing Management kicked off in September of 2015. Since starting, it has been a flurry of activity, experiences, case studies, lectures, and workshops.

MIP Ambassador for Italy, William Funck

My choice was driven by the perfect combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to marketing that the master offers, together with the continual exposure to real business cases. And, of course, not forgetting the business school’s strong networking with global customer-centric companies.

MIP Ambassador for USA, Robert Napoli

Why did I choose MIP? I chose to attend MIP because I wanted to study in a city rich with culture, business, networking, and opportunity. All which can be found in Milan! About 2 years ago I started thinking about how I could continue to grow in my career and better align myself with the ever changing global market. I am passionate about Building a Brand, Digital Strategy, and Communication and wanted to incorporate all these elements in a Master’s program which I found in the IM4 Master’s at MIP.

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