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Two MIP international MBA alumni bump into each other in Santiago!

Flavio Vilani, a former MIP international MBA student who now lives in Brazil, was on a trip to Santiago, when he bumped into Frederick, a fellow MIP alumnus from Ecuador who was on his way to Australia and had stopped off in the Chilean capital for just one day. Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Australia and Chile might seem far apart from each other, but MIP brings them closer together.

Lauren Hardisky – International MBA Class of 2011

Lauren Hardisky tells us about her MBA experience at MIP and gives inspiring suggestions to those who are thinking about studying abroad. Read on!

Why do an International MBA?

Why should you chose to do an MBA, and how to find the best course for you? Gaelle Gouraige explains her choice and the value of an international environment

Gaelle Gouraige – International MBA Class of 2011

Gaelle Gouraige has been part of International MBA Class of 2011. We interviewed her about the experience at MIP, her career development and…find out more here!