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Tag: "internship"

How to impress during an internship (or at your new job)

The first week at a new job. Whether it’s an internship or the beginning of a new phase in your working life, all the attention is on you. Nobody is expecting you to be already perfectly in sync with the company or up to date with ongoing projects, but some aspects of your conduct are certain not to go unobserved.

Desperately wanted: Big Data Analysts

A great way to ride the wave of the Big Data trend and successfully launch yourself onto the work market is undoubtedly to invest in specialised training.
The leading MBAs at the most prestigious business schools in the world have added ad-hoc Big Data courses to their programmes.

4 Tips for MBA students to turn an internship into a job offer

You have done it: during your MBA, the company of your dreams has offered you the chance to do an internship. You have some busy, very challenging months ahead of you. You will have to reveal all of your talent and showcase your strengths if you are to convince your superiors that you deserve a permanent appointment.

Moncler and MIP join forces to offer scholarship to one candidate of the International Full Time MBA

MIP has initiated a sponsorship offered by Moncler: a candidate of the International Full Time MBA will have the opportunity to carry out their project work at the Italian headquarters of a leading group in the sector of luxury clothing.

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