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Tag: "mba"

The Amazon Experience

When we think of Amazon, we might picture a great ecommerce site, a non-stop player that is revolutionizing the definition of the “shopping experience”, by evolving along with customers and changing their lifestyles. Today, Amazon sells just about everything, from books and movies to clothing and groceries.

Nikita Lukianets’ recipe for success: specialised tech background and a broad understanding of the business world

If training is crucial for a professional, it is even more fundamental for an entrepreneur. That’s especially true for Nikita Lukianets, a young Ukrainian professional who was barely of age when he decided to launch the digital branding consultancy start-up LimeJamp.

Swimming through the waves…of the MBA!

After a few months since the beginning of the MBA, it is time to get to know one of my international classmates, Sifan Guo. Sifan was a professional Chinese swimmer and she is currently Senior Designer at Jaeger-LeCoultre, a luxury watch and clock manufacturer based in Switzerland.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Listen, listen and then listen!

Adnan Haroon Binmahfooz, an Indo-Arab born and raised in Saudi Arabia, went on to Canada for his undergrad and eventually decided to come to Italy for his MBA. He is currently back in Hyderabad, India, and he started BOTTEGA CafĂ©, a boutique cafe’ which offers authentic tastes to its gourmand clients.

TheFork Italy country manager Almir Ambeskovic meets MIP’s MBA and AMIE students

Clear ideas and a results-oriented approach were at the heart of the message conveyed by Ambeskovic to a large audience of MBA and AMIE students during an On Campus Company Presentation organised by the Career Development Office at MIP.

Luca Nardone tells Graduation Day: Celebrate diversity in order to grow

At the end of an international MBA, each student will have built up a wealth of personal experiences and memories, yet it is equally important to share these with those at the start of the journey, unknowing of what to expect.

MBAs are back in fashion in Silicon Valley

While in recent years the start-up phenomenon has fuelled the belief that in order to become a management wizard or successful entrepreneur you needed a knack for business, a genius idea and a strong onus on professional development, now the market data is painting a completely different picture.

MIP MBA alumnus Varun Bohra is now working in SanDisk US

Varun Bohra, a brilliant alumnus of MIP in Milan of Indian origin, chose to come to Italy to consolidate his education and currently lives and works in Milpitas, California in the USA as an Industrial & Operational Engineer in Strategic Account Management.

Interview with designer and former MBA student Brittany Harris

My name is Brittany Harris, I was born in Palm Beach but lived in many corners of the globe – from Caracas, New York, Miami, Milan to Shanghai. I earned a Bachelors Degree in communications from Hoftsra University and an MBA in international business from MIP Politecnico di Milano. I currently live in NYC.

Learn how to launch and manage a start-up at MIP

Former MIP MBA student Elio Di Fiore teamed up with course-mates he met at the Milanese business school to capitalise on the trend to launch a quite revolutionary app: Movym.

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