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Tag: "Milan"

Brera: the beating heart of Milan

Design, nightlife, fashion and fun are four of the key ingredients that make up one of the world’s liveliest economic hubs: Milan.

Nikita Lukianets’ recipe for success: specialised tech background and a broad understanding of the business world

If training is crucial for a professional, it is even more fundamental for an entrepreneur. That’s especially true for Nikita Lukianets, a young Ukrainian professional who was barely of age when he decided to launch the digital branding consultancy start-up LimeJamp.

Milan and the magic of Christmas

Any excuse is a good one this year if it means you get to enjoy the magic of Christmas in Milan! The countdown to Christmas starts on 7 December, the feast day of Milan’s patron saint St. Ambrose, when the lights are switched on and the city comes alive with events, shows and traditional markets all over town.

According to a PwC study Milan is safe, international and utterly irresistible

These are the findings of a PwC study on the socioeconomic status of the 30 biggest cities in the world. Milan’s stand-out characteristics including its quality of life, professional opportunities and, in particular, the safety the city guarantees to its inhabitants.

According to the FT, Milan is the capital of innovation

You know it as the world capital of fashion. It’s also well-known as one of the biggest financial poles in Europe. Today, Milan is also a serious contender for the title of extraordinary driving force of development and innovation.

The top five places for contemporary art in Milan

A healthy helping of business, a pinch of lifestyle, a touch of glamour and a whole lot of creativity: it’s the secret recipe that makes Milan a truly unique city.

An MBA in Italy? It’s the right choice!

Italy has finally rediscovered its A game in the market sectors it’s always excelled in – fashion, luxury, design and food. Meanwhile, its cities are flourishing once again, its labour market is on the up and its most prestigious business schools are ready to open their doors to the most ambitious international talents looking for the best the market has to offer.

An MBA, your journey, your dream…

An MBA is a journey, a long and challenging experience that often starts in the moment you realize that what you really want to achieve is your own future!

Milan loves cycling: #‎BikeTheNobel

Thanks to a radical change in its inhabitants’ way of thinking and the incentives put in place by the local authorities, Milan has changed, year by year, into a place where people and their needs come first. Social responsibility undoubtedly lies at the heart of this rapid shift to a future on a human scale. And, unwittingly but irrefutably, the bicycle has been the hero and icon of this change.

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