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Tag: "networking"

TheFork Italy country manager Almir Ambeskovic meets MIP’s MBA and AMIE students

Clear ideas and a results-oriented approach were at the heart of the message conveyed by Ambeskovic to a large audience of MBA and AMIE students during an On Campus Company Presentation organised by the Career Development Office at MIP.

Luca Nardone tells Graduation Day: Celebrate diversity in order to grow

At the end of an international MBA, each student will have built up a wealth of personal experiences and memories, yet it is equally important to share these with those at the start of the journey, unknowing of what to expect.

5 things learned studying abroad

Choosing to do a Master’s Program at MIP has been a great experience. One of the amazing things that I had the opportunity to do while attending MIP was getting to study for 2 weeks in that beautiful Barcelona, Spain as part of MIP and eada partnership.

Living the Ferrari experience for a day

On April 15th, my part-time MBA class had the chance to live this experience in person, visiting the Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello. It was not just a simple company visit. It was a day of engagement, insights and added value for all involved.

5 great reasons for choosing an MBA

For anyone wishing to inject some impetus into their career, increase their knowledge or find a more prestigious job, an MBA is the springboard to success. Indeed, choosing to attend a business school is often an inspired decision.

My experience at the Careers Fair in London..and a few cool tips for future attendees

On the 19th of February, the fourth Careers Fair was held in London. A networking event where companies meet students and graduates and give them the chance to showcase their skills, potential and personality.

Two MIP international MBA alumni bump into each other in Santiago!

Flavio Vilani, a former MIP international MBA student who now lives in Brazil, was on a trip to Santiago, when he bumped into Frederick, a fellow MIP alumnus from Ecuador who was on his way to Australia and had stopped off in the Chilean capital for just one day. Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Australia and Chile might seem far apart from each other, but MIP brings them closer together.

Networking is your key to career success

Networking involves cultivating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between professionals, to exchange work opportunities, information and open up doors to companies.
How do you create a strong network of contacts and connections, fundamental for forging the path towards professional growth?

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