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Lessons Working in a Startup: Part 1

For my project work at school I was fortunate enough to serendipitously fall into a role at an Italian Based, Global, eCommerce start-up with clients around the world.

Lastminute.com: partner company of MIP international MBA

MIP International MBA program closely collaborates with over 30 companies, including both Italian businesses and multinational organisations, all of them leaders in their respective fields. Amongst them are leading names from the consultancy sector such as the Boston Consulting Group, big manufacturing companies including Barilla, Pirelli and Whirlpool, and ICT & Telco giants such as IBM, Amazon, Vodafone, Telecom-Tim and Lastminute.com Group, to name but a few.

The experience with Project Works gave my career a new direction.

If the Organisational Check-up was a turning point in my overall personal growth, my experience with the Project Work not only gave my career a new direction, but it showed that I could take what was once a pastime, and make a living out of it.