Every year, both “technology geeks” and “easy-going consumers”, look out for the International CES (Consumer Electronic Show®) kick off in Las Vegas as the moment of truth, namely when the most incredible gears go public.

What can we then expect from the upcoming future?


  1. 360° Contents

Thanks to the virtual reality headsets’ decreasing costs, 360 degree contents are becoming more accessible, therefore brands’ investments in such contents are rapidly growing. Facebook and YouTube have seized the opportunity and started delivering immersive viewing experiences through their platforms.

  1. Wearable

Designers have to take up the challenge and make wearable devices attractive not only for the early adopters but also for the majority.

By the way, the future of wearables is smart fabrics, not devices.

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing’s falling prices and improving technology will enable brands to customize both their products and packages to an individual level.

New Balance, famous sports brand, has in store a breakthrough release for the Boston Marathon. Keep on eye on it!


Even if those value added products seem incredible, they are only the tip of the digital revolution’s iceberg.