In a few weeks, our MBA will come to an end. A few weeks of hard work and then these two years will tell us what we are made of. It’s project work time, and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today. It represents the final step (the big final step I would say…) before completing the MBA and, as such, it should integrate the concepts, methods and tools learnt over the two years from different disciplines. It is mainly teamwork and, in my case, an incredible team which came up with a genuine business plan for a start-up. What am I talking about?

Angeline is an innovative project for a new line of smart jewelry, born out of an idea of four close friends (Alessandro, Claudio, Riccardo and myself), passionate students of their International Part Time MBA. Angeline has its origins in the myth of the Angels, spiritual beings devoted to protecting and guiding us when we feel lost and alone. But Angeline is also a female name and, like a close friend, is there to listen to your request for help and support. Moreover, thanks to its technology, it is not only beautiful but also keeps you safe everywhere and at any moment.

Thanks to this idea, we are committed to giving a real and tangible contribution to the world we are living in by helping people to feel safer outside, spreading the idea of better prevention and the empowerment of women. In our idea, Angeline is a vision of a perfect combination between art, handmade passion, Italian traditions and style, our heritage of craftsmanship, and the latest technology. But Angeline is even more than this. It is first a product of culture and humanity, designed and made for our unique customers. Combining all these ‘ingredients’ together, our aim is to create real wearable pieces of art that can satisfy all our clients’ tastes.

But the project work is not only about drafting a business plan. In the 7-month period, it was easy to find calls for start-ups and business competitions in Italy or elsewhere in Europe to test your idea and receive useful feedback. That’s another way to improve your business plan and presentation skills (the so-called ‘elevator pitch’) and, above all, to start promoting your idea and test the ‘appetite’ of potential investors. That’s what we’ve been doing in recent months, by participating in several competitions such as The Mark or Cariplo Factory.

So, play your game, test your idea and (if you want) stay in touch with the Angeline Team!