You’ve got mail!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Italy, China, the USA or any other corner of the world.

If you have the privilege of forming part of a very special mailing list, a truly unique message will land in your inbox at a particular time every day.

It will be a fresh, inspiring quote direct from the Financial Times that somebody on the other side of the world has selected, summarised and shared with you.

A simple message linked to a current business topic, designed to give users food for thought and help them to start their day with an extra level of motivation.

And so it may be that as you sip a coffee in mid-January, you’re suddenly informed about the financial situation of a colossus like IKEA. Perhaps, as you eat breakfast a few days later, you’re able to discover the inside story of the birth of the PC, which was designed by a maverick team at IBM. Incredible, right? Come August you could be getting to know the ins and outs of the rise of the quintessentially Italian Illycaffè company, while September might bring news of the merger of two huge online fashion groups like Yoox and Net-a-Porter. And it’ll all be little more than a few clicks away.

The man behind these inspiring messages is Franco Quillico, Professor of Banking and Finance at MIP, who sends a new email out every single day. What started out as a bit of fun for a small group of contacts has quickly grown in size, expanding on an almost-daily basis. Today, these snappy business quotes are sent to over 1200 people all over the world every day.

The question is: what motivates Franco Quillico to spend valuable moments every morning sharing information with others?

The answer is simple, yet profound. Like many influencers, Quillico is well aware of the importance of sharing knowledge with his network.

This is the difference between managers and leaders. While the former recognise the power of knowledge, keeping it to themselves and using it to their own advantage, the latter use communication to create a virtuous cycle of exchange which enriches the thriving network of contacts which gravitate around them and interact with them in some way or another.

The example of Quillico, and the huge following that the MIP professor enjoys, teaches us that in order to become leaders and motivators, it is vital that we share information.

One of the advantages of such constructive behaviour is that it can provide your team with new input, new cause for reflection, while keeping them up to date and with their finger on the pulse, laying the foundations for dialogue and the creation of new ideas.

In addition to empowering the network, we shouldn’t forget that promoting knowledge exchange between members of a team can have a positive impact on your own reputation. Being considered a source of knowledge instantly elevates a simple manager to the status of inspirational leader.

It’s a vital part of making that step up and becoming an irreplaceable figure for your team.


You can now download a Booklet with all the Quotes for the last four years here.