Pursue an objective. Stay focused on results. Channel your efforts in a clear direction.   Never stop perfecting your strategy. Believe in and support your idea. If your instincts are correct, success will come.

How many times have you heard these types of phrases? They are common-sense concepts – almost clichés – that are impossible not to agree with.

Yet such advice takes on added gravitas when handed down by one of the most brilliant, fascinating businessmen to emerge in recent years.

The man we’re referring to is Almir Ambeskovic, who was born in Sarajevo but has spent most of his working life in Italy. Ambeskovic’s CV makes for impressive reading – and he’s not yet 40 years of age.

Ambeskovic can point to a host of impressive achievements in recent years. In 2011, he launched restOpolis, one of the most innovative companies in the digital food sector, which was in 2015 taken over by TripAdvisor, another idea which has literally revolutionised the restaurant industry around the world.

Ambeskovic was one of the key figures during the acquisition process, becoming a respected point of reference and guarantor of continuity. He is currently TheFork Italy’s country manager and runs what is the popular service’s second-biggest market in terms of revenue.

So what is the secret to his success? According to Ambeskovic, the key is being able to pursue one clear objective with strength and determination.

Clear ideas and a results-oriented approach were at the heart of the message conveyed by Ambeskovic to a large audience of MBA and AMIE students during an On Campus Company Presentation organised by the Career Development Office at MIP.

These events are part of the Business School’s offering both for students – who attend MIP’s regular events in their droves – and companies, who come to share experiences and best practices.

And while on the one hand, our future leaders can use these seminars and workshops to spend time with successful businesspeople and become familiar with the dynamics and inner workings of some of the world’s leading organisations, on the other the companies themselves get the chance to meet the best young talent around and benefit from exchanging opinions and ideas with switched-on students.

Of course, there is the added bonus of knowing that sitting in the audience could be potential candidates for companies to add to their organisations and provide a fresh, unconventional boost to innovation-conscious businesses.

All this mutual exchange – this win-win situation for companies and future leaders alike – can be summed up in one word: networking.

Yet it is vital that the students grasp the scope of this opportunity and channel their courage and determination into seizing it with both hands.

Because, as Almir Ambeskovic’s story shows, once we have identified our objective, it’s time to set off in pursuit of it and never – ever – look back.

Our destination? Success.