Have you ever wondered what the difference is between learning and comprehending, watching and seeing, or knowing and understanding?

They might seem like synonyms, but differing approaches lie hidden behind the terms.

There is a subtle but profound distance between them: a nuanced distinction based on the ability to immerse yourself in the reality that lies before you, breaking down barriers, sharing your cultural background and drawing on the experiences of others.

This is the type of attitude shown by those who decide to do an MBA. By signing up for a Master of Business Administration course, you are not only choosing to enrich your education with unparalleled theoretical knowledge, but also – and most importantly – embarking on an exceptional experience full of encounters, interaction and networking with students from across the globe.

As a result, the world is so accessible and everything is so close at hand that everywhere is like home and you can find special parts of your life wherever you go.

You might be strolling through a park on the other side of the world and hear a familiar voice call out your name, suddenly making you realize that distances have faded into insignificance.

That is what happened to Flavio Vilani, a former MIP international MBA student and now MIP ambassador for Brasil, who now lives in Brazil. On a trip to Santiago, he bumped into Frederick Petrilli, a fellow MIP alumnus from Ecuador who was on his way to Australia and had stopped off in the Chilean capital for just one day.

They were course mates, tourists in the same city and guests in the same hotel. It gave Frederick and Flavio the opportunity to spend some more precious time together and even have a chat over breakfast, swapping stories and views on their latest experiences.

Was it just a happy accident? A coincidence, like the many chance happenings that occur in our daily lives?

Maybe not.

Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Australia and Chile might seem far apart from each other, but MIP brings them closer together. Flavio drove this point home in an email that he sent to the MIP organizers: “When you do an International MBA, you increase your chances of meeting friends and acquaintances all over the world.”

MIP provides its students with access to an invaluable heritage of values and cultures that can substantially enhance the skills of future leaders.