Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. This is an old but topical quote by Seneca that perfectly encapsulates the nature of an MBA. It is particularly true of MIP, a real mine of education and experience where the most advantageous career opportunities are instantly accessible.

Talented candidates who choose to hone their skills and grow on both a professional and a personal level by following this exceptional path, will be presented with unique opportunities for change.

Doing an MBA means having a front-row seat at an incredible window on the business world and enjoying the breathtaking views on management, finance and the industrial economy set out by the high-quality teaching, while working alongside classmates with a wealth of experience from all over the world and top companies looking for new resources who can add value to their business outlook.

In short, doing an MBA means taking a direct express train to the destination where you can make your desired change.

This was the case with Alessandro Alberici, an engineer who had an irresistible urge to grow and look beyond his promising future in a strictly technical sphere, in order to become a more versatile manager.

Although he is still an International Part-Time MBA student at MIP in Milan, as an authentic businessman Alessandro has already turned to account the investment that he has made.
By taking a part-time master’s degree, he is able to put the theoretical concepts that he is studying into practice in his everyday working environment while continuing to earn money, with no need to give up his job to embark on an educational venture.
Furthermore, at the Career Day organized by MIP, he made the most of the chance to meet the most prestigious companies from a range of sectors.

Among them was Vodafone, a leading name in the telephony market. It was looking for a Senior Product Manager and Alessandro’s qualities were the ideal match for its needs.

Consequently, before he has even completed his studies, Alessandro has had the opportunity to make his management dreams come true and start to put into action everything that he has learned at MIP.