My journey back to school and across the world to Milan has flown by! 8 months ago I hopped on a plane with my girlfriend, next stop, Milan. When we met we both talked about getting a Master’s or MBA. She was about to graduate with a Degree in Design, and I had just bought a town home and was working in B2B Sales and Marketing for almost 5 years. What changed?

ME. I had always thought about it and I wanted to travel the world. This provided the opportunity for us to do it together. Since moving here, the question more than any other that I have been asked:

“Why Milan?”

When you think about schools and education, yes most logically would be to go to a good school in the USA. But what people don’t account for is the experience. Milan provided the perfect mix of design, business, fashion, and opportunity. And I wanted to study in a truly multi-cultural environment. And I wanted to challenge myself in a country that I couldn’t speak in. I also wanted to get a different view of business, marketing, and running a business.

Now 8 months later I can tell you that the experiences have been worth it.

I truly have learned a lot about myself, as well as have a better idea of what is important to me. As a sales guy I always craved more support and materials that would help me sell. Now I am passionate about working in Content and Digital Marketing providing communication that does just that. I love managing social profiles, interacting with customers, and creating content for a brand. I have had the fortunate opportunity to obtain an internship with an Italian Startup called Beast Technologies. I am managing all the Content and Digital Media for the company as well as managing high level partnerships with affiliates, clients, and sponsors across the enterprise.

Outside of this good fortune I had the chance to study for 2 weeks in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain at one of the best Business Schools called eada Business School. What an amazing experience it was. Between experiences with partner companies like Nielsen, IBM, OTB, and Universal McCann, to studying in Spain, as well the friendships created, experiences say it best.

As I am not officially done with classes and now working on completing my final project I can say that the experiences to this point have been amazing, but not without struggles. But those struggles have turned into learning experiences. Living in Italy is a challenge, but nothing great comes easy.