Spending an average of 8 hours per day on the job, leaving only the evenings and weekends for your family and free time, means a good part of our lives are spent between the thick walls of business.

It’s clear then, how a good office climate and a love for your daily tasks is synonymous with well-being and tranquillity, two critical elements to confront the working challenge with more energy and the determination needed to achieve results.

So how we can truly be happy and enjoy our time in the workplace?

Here are 5 suggestions.


1. Making fun a good habit

Creating a routine of happy activities, better still if shared with your colleagues, is a great way of giving every day a touch of unexpected joy. Starting a ritual of happiness, through small gestures for both yourself and others, is an equally simple and powerful activity.

2. Smiles generate smiles

It’s important to find time for the right dose of empathy even in the workplace, without compromising on our professional standing. Laughing, just like kindness, is contagious: smile at your colleagues and compliment them, and you’ll see how just a few simple gestures can create a virtuous cycle of positivity.

3. If you can’t reach the end of the tunnel, decorate it!

Jokes aside: treat your office like your own personal space, it helps you feel at ease. Decorating the walls of your office with objects, photos and great memories is a great trick to fill you up with positivity.

4. Alternate desk and relaxation time

Sitting constantly in front of your computer doesn’t increase productivity, but only helps to reduce your level of concentration. Even at the most hectic times, take a moment to leave your desk and free your mind, this will be a true injection of energy for your creativity.

5. It’s always the right time for team building!

Not just in the office: sharing non-work activities with your colleagues is an excellent way to consolidate interpersonal ties and reinforce a sense of belonging and team.


And if you’re still not completely convinced that happiness is an important aspect of your working life, then you might be interested to know that some of the most modern and forward-thinking companies have long decided to make it a priority.

Let’s take a look at a few best practices.

Amongst those companies where work goes hand in hand with pleasure, the tech sector is laying down the law. Airbnb, Facebook and Google are some of the finest examples of companies focused on promoting the well-being of their employees.


The start-up revolutionised the world of tourism 2.0. In fact, in addition to offering its employees a substantial annual bonus to spend on travel, the company also allows them to experience the office in a totally new way: in Airbnb offices pets are welcome, yoga lessons are organised and there’s even a ping-pong table.


Facebook offers no less: alongside its impressive benefits for future parents, the social giant carefully looks after its employees’ nutrition, offering free meals cooked by an ad hoc team and free access to snack machines.


And then of course, there’s the internet giant that offers its employees truly enviable services: gym, indoor pool, car-washing and oil-change, company cafeteria with local products, volleyball courts, dry cleaning and much more.

Can’t get much happier than that!

What about you, #growingleader? How do you improve the quality of your study or work time?