Without doubt, choosing to sign up to an MBA programme means accelerating one’s pathway towards professional success. A Master’s in Business Administration is a trademark of pure talent and a guarantee of visibility and prestige.

However, now that the economy is restarting and the most forward-thinking companies are trying to keep the most brilliant talents within their own staff, taking a break from one’s professional life and attending a full-time MBA course might not be the right choice for everyone.

Launch yourself into your career? Or develop your training? Why choose?

A high-quality alternative is a part-time MBA: a versatile solution which combines excellence, flexibility and smartness.

According to Kim Clark, dean of the Harvard Business School, the most common reason for which candidates decide to abandon the idea of signing up for a Harvard MBA, is because they want to keep their job.

A part-time MBA keeps the high quality of full-time training, with a number of advantageous aspects, allowing for a variety of opportunities. It is more convenient from an economic perspective, making a part-time Masters much more accessible, a better use of technology and greater timetable flexibility, allowing you to balance work, life and training, which also opens the door for female candidates.

This is not all: here is a list of the 5 main advantages of a part-time MBA!

1. Fewer monetary sacrifices

Choosing a full-time MBA not only means an investment to complete this excellent training, but also saying goodbye to two years’ salary, abandoning one’s current career. This gap could well weigh heavily on the family’s finances. The part-time formula, on the other hand, means you don’t have to make these sacrifices and cuts costs, allowing students to take specialisation courses, keep their career going and continue receiving a salary. It means you can make this choice with greater calm.

2. No need to look for a new job

You will grow quickly in your current role. At the end of an MBA, the aim of every student is to quickly find a great job. Those opting for the part-time formula, however, can keep their current position and give their careers a boost, making their profiles more rich and appealing, without risking a period of unemployment, or having to go through the stress of new selection processes.

3. The combination of study and work? An injection of stimuli

Evenings or week-ends in class, mornings in the office. With your daily professional life, you can put your theoretical learning into practice, in an unrivalled environment for practising and absorbing the didactic concepts.

4. Greater security for your family

A part-time MBA is ideal for anyone responsible for a family and who does not want to risk being unemployed for at least two years. This arrangement thus attracts adults and females, who are balancing home and work.

5. Paid for by the company

Developing talents is the mission of every successful business. Giving staff the incentive to do a part-time MBA, by contributing to the course costs, is a win-win solution, which more and more companies are opting for. It allows them to get qualified staff without having to go without their work force!